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August 15, 2006



I'm a tester on the Windows Live Writer team. Sorry you bumped into this exception. I will take a look at this exception and try to dig down as to why it occured and get it fixed.

I know you are probably very busy with other things, but if you have a chance, would you mind responding to my comment with what steps you took with image effects when this exception occured?


Hi Mike,

I'm delighted to help. I clipped an image from the next, put it in the posting, then went to Sharpen it and, kaboom. The image was not a photo it was jpeg (logo off a page.

I kept the email, I can zip it up and send it to you along with the jpeg itself. I'd send you the full posting as well but the draft/save didn't work, unfortunately. Let me know.


That would be great if you could send me that data. I think you have my email as I have to enter it for posting a comment. Let me know if you don't have access to my email though.


I got your email with the exception Rick. This problem is most likely related to some type of timing issue, so it may not be easily reproducible, but we can do some coding to defend against these types of issues from occuring.

Thanks again.

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