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October 04, 2006


Great play Rick
I think this will be a winner and being a B5 subscriber already I am looking forward to seeing more content.
Congrats to Shel also, no less than he deserves.
Best wishes

I'll throw the first mud. ;)

Of course, this is great news - well done to all and hope the investement is a winner for all.

Now give us a figure?

They are deserving... congrats to b5media team. Their hard work can attest to their success...

The guys at b5 really seem to understand blogging and how to find great bloggers for each individual niche blog. Their passion shines through and they treat their bloggers like family. (disclaimer, I'm a b5 blogger)


US$2 million bucks.

Thanks Rick,

Can you tell us how much of a stake you have taken in b5?

In my best jewish voice:

"Just a little nosh...."


Beats "sorry, confidential..", eh?

In my best Aussie voice ...

c'mon, mate. ;)

Okay then ...

you will be chairman of b5?

I am, sir. It was the surest way to get a boondog, errr, important fact finding mission down under. :-)

Ah Rick...

a boondog? :D


I use any excuse to visit. Amazing country, wonderful people, outstanding diving, great cross country trains.


Good to see things happening in Canada, let along for a fellow east coaster like Jeremy

Congrats to you, Rick, and to the rest of the B5 media team. I look forward to even more smart, useful and informative blogging from everyone down the road!


Congrats on your investment and I hope it works a treat....

But you really should ditch the Volvo and get a Saab.

Wow, just caught this late. Congrats to all involved. You got yourself a good B hive there. Great news everyone.

Congratulations, Rick and team!



Great post. Great investment. Great category. I'll have more to say once I can get a minute to blog.

Rick & b5 Team,

Congratulations! I love the combo - sniper like focus on multiple verticals endorsed by passionate subject matter experts, building trust in their 'growing' and 'attentive' audience through multiple interests in diverse markets!

That's a great media opportunity to steal some overcooked search thunder and replace it with something special, trusted people and a genuine audience! Tons of value there, smart move by all.

well done to the boys! and girl! And to my old mate Shel. Rick, when you come down under to make sure Dunc, Dazza and Shai really exist and aren't bots, I'll buy you a drink and we can talk about Aussie podcasting investments.

Cameron Reilly
CEO, The Podcast Network

nicely done.

some day every vc firm will explain their investments in public.

thanks for doing this.


As one of the b5 bloggers and one of the first folks to work with Jeremy at InsideBlogging ... this is fantatic.

Lot's of hard work but as many have pointed out here, this is a real endorsement of a viable blogging business model.

Rick: Fantastic news! Having worked on a couple of projects with Jeremy and gotten to know him very well, I know how excited he must be to have to connected his group with someone like you. This is a partnership with great potential and I wish you all the success in the world.

Okay..I don't see any "mud" above, so I'll play the devil's advocate on this:

From what I understand, b5media is a "blogging network", which launched with 14 blogs and now contains more than 150 blogs on various subjects. The value is in the content which is written by b5media bloggers. If a particular b5media blog becomes extremely popular, what's preventing the author from going independent ?

Also, the rest of the "blogosphere" is an informal, disorganized "blogging network", where a blog is being created every second. That is what b5media is up against. As a user, I am interested in specific post(s), and I don't care which blog or blogging network the post belongs to. Now, what's the most optimal way for me to find that specific post: going to b5media's blogging network -> finding a blog -> finding the post OR using various search tools like google, technorati, icerocket to find exactly what I am looking for ? These tools will continue to improve and developers will continue to come up with new ways of finding useful blog post(s) from the millions of blogs on the web.

Now, b5media is a predefined, static blogging network - folks have to apply and b5media approves/rejects (plz correct me if I am wrong..). A direct threat to b5media would be a dynamic web app, maybe something like digg, where users can dynamically create a "high-quality blog group" by voting up/down their favorite blogs on a particular topic. Isn't then a blogging network like b5media against the trend of where the web has been heading throughout - cut out the "middle-man" wherever possible ?

b5media needs to create specific brands. "TechCrunch" is a brand name and people can relate to it; "b5media Technology blogs" does not feel like a brand to which people can identify / relate to when looking for high-quality technology blogs.

In conclusion, I think b5media is on thin ice, though I wish them all the best and applaud their most people don't even try.


Thanks for taking the time to write out your thoughts and (insert applause) sign them! I really really like this type of feedback and input as it adds to the mix and makes the company's decisions that much more informed.

We're hiring! :-:

$2 million for what? Rick, what do you invest in? Technology, content, talent? What is B5 media good at? Am I the only one that doesn't get this deal? What's the USP (unique selling proposition)? Most blogging networks could be described as boring and lame... Lots of copycats... Where is the innovation? Nothing new after Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis. Anyway, Jeremy is a smart guy and I hope he could create something new.

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