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November 02, 2006


I enjoyed "drive through" analogy. In fact, I love it more you shake it with the sexy magician! It was a fun experiences today!

Are there any Canadian startups attending the camp?

Unfortunately, none that I could find.

Rick mentioned 5 women, the problem was it was a total of 5 women out of 300 people...still room for improvement ...

How about a social network surrounding cheese? There are millions of people that eat and love cheese, why not a site dedicated to it where people can share recipes, network, have cheese parties and sell fancy cheeses? If it works for dogs, why not cheese? Someone back me up here....

Richie Hecker
The BootStrapper

I would love to hear a synopsis of your 'Dilution Is The Solution' argument. When you get a chance a post like that could be interesting. I probably won't do it on my blog...But I know you can get away with it.

I actually was making a joke about that rather famous comment. Although, it might make for a good discussion point. Good idea.

Definitely feel free to make fun of me, but don't get indexed by search engine if you want to do it behind my back. I still read my ego feeds every now and then :-).

Rick it was great to hear from you at Startup Camp and I've really enjoyed other presentations by you and Jeff at Mashup Camp.

5 cards? I think they just saw what a smooth guy you were up on stage during the magic show.

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