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December 13, 2006


Interesting, when I started to read this posting I first thought you would be talking about what Jeff Jarvis posted today about Michael Arrogant I mean Arrington

in your opinion do you think Jeff is hanging his dirty laundry with respect (or disrespect) to Michael?

Hmm.. I missed that cat fight. I'd like to tell you, gee its different because this is a pile of personalities going at it but I suspect, in the end, it is in fact all the same. I've never seen the value add in all the personal shots. I've met every single one of those folks in person and have had enough conversation with each (and great meals with Dave Winer) to believe they are all passionate people with deep held beliefs. Off the air (so to speak) they are super nice people. Must be something about a keyboard, I guess. Thanks for stopping by, great nick name, btw.

"Must be something about a keyboard, I guess"

...or the 10 million people attached to it. I started posting to stock discussion forums - the toughest crowd on the planet - back in 95 and have turned it into very a successful business. Much of that success can be attributed to the fact I kept my cool at all times, thereby, maintaining credibility and authority.

It also helps to concede at least part of the debate. It disarms your adversary while actually elevating your status with the audience.


Richie's rule: if it doesnt cause you lose sleep, no big deal, if it does ,apologize then ignore, move on...

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