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January 17, 2007


Even a "read-only" PDF can be changed/printed etc. Once it's electronic, it's out there.

I am enjoying this theme, and couldn't agree more. We should do a joint blog on the times when people ask for a meeting but won't even tell you what its about without an NDA in place. Rrrriiiiggghhhhtttt.


I think people who do this want to find some way to express to their expectation of privacy, and just can't find the right way. Tags like 'Confidential' are basically intended to make you or anyone in your office think twice before distributing the document, rather than an attempt to tie you down legally.

I agree that a password-protected PDF is the most low-key and effective solution to this problem.

Hey Rick -- Out of curiosity, how do you organize the plans you receive and file away? Do you keep track of those plans, and if so, how do you file them (electronically) so that you could, as you did for this blog post, quickly reference their content?

I have all of them stored in files on our exchange server. For the stats, I have an excel spreadsheet with checkmarks (Y/N) for things that matter to me.

NDA (Y/N), CFDN (Y/N), PVT (Y/N), UNSOL (Y/N), NHNF (Y/N), AMT ($$$), Angel in? (Y/N), BPNB (Y/N). It helps me to fast sorts, checks for trends, etc.

BPNB = Back Pocket National Bank
CFND = Confidential
NHNF = No Harm No Foul mtg

No court has ever enforced a shrink-wrap NDA or similar agreement, so it's not like such things would be binding on you. But they certainly reflect a poor understanding of the world on the part of any entrepreneur who sends them.

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