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January 09, 2007


this story is funny AND sad.

You're absolutely right about the importance of conducting business in a professional and prudent business manner. However, every company of any significance has its share of MBA wonder kids and other jerks. I’ve met many representatives from Microsoft, and they’re by no means worse than people from other companies, so I don’t know if it is such a challenge for Microsoft. Sure, this kid might have ruined a few business deals, but then some other kid at IBM does the same mistake making customers jump from IBM to Microsoft instead. I think it equals out in the end (for large companies, that is).

Rick, thanks for sharing and bringing this to people's notice. Too bad, that one such incident ruins a lot of positive work that we do as a company to create the right branding in terms of customer experience, candidate experience and employee experience.But, I wonder if amongst other things, we should expect HR to become the ppl police?

To me the obvious lesson is: Don't listen to MBAs when they talk about technical things. They might know about business and marketing, but are almost always clueless when it comes to any serious discussion of a technical topic.

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