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February 14, 2007


take a break from it all

for just a few hours at least

or Theresa will kill you and we won't have you around to tease anymore

This is hilarious ... and I am jealous! Have a Martini on me.

We live on lake Couchaching across from the quainte city of Orillia. I blew my brains out purchasing premium waterfront property so I could enjoy the, um , premium waterfront portion of the property.

It's about 200 feet from the house to the dock, and I have done this exact same thing, excepting that I have installed the net gear in a nifty little waterproof box that I can simply unplug and take back to the house with me - or forget occasionally after enjoying the the waterfront portion too much on a hot July Saturday.

Is it a ready to pitch invention ? Maybe, but not for me... but it works slick and I certainly am going to watch for boats slowing as they pass our dock (and I thought they were just gawking at the idiots who paid so much for the premium waterfront property).

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