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March 05, 2007


Hopefully trust, civility and honour will sneak into business in general - no need for VCs to have a monopoly on money and good manners.


Thanks Rick - Good to have a fellow canadian on board.

Great article, as a startup junkie you hit all the nails that I hate about VCs.

1. I've met a few times with a bright VC from Toronto ;-) Everytime, I'm amazed just how rude this guy is and yet people just keep coming back to him.

2. The house is another issue I once had with a startup. The CEO and President were both personally responsible for the convertible debt the VC gave us. This led to cutting corners everywhere and made success impossible.

3. I'm gonna bet the startup almost always knew the answer was NO from the other VC and was simply using this as a ploy.

5. If I had a dollar for every dollar promised and not delivered...

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