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April 04, 2007


Bob wrote a book?!

Holy crap, talk about signal to noise issues, is the publishing industry just accepting anyone without any creds these days?!

Anyways, Bob's an interesting case. In fact, a fairly hypocritical case now that I think about it.

See, Bob wrote this series of brutal articles (effectively rehashing the same article for a half dozen publications). Basically saying blogs were totally useless and had no value whatsoever.

He'd never written a blog. Hell, never even read one at the time.

Anyways, I just love the delicious irony that he says blogs are useless, but then gets a book deal purely because of his blog ;-)

The hilarious thing would be if he subscribes to a Google Alert on his name or, worse considering he never reads blogs or RSS, if he subscribes to a vanity search on his name, and shows up here to take you to task.

Classic. :)

*lol* At least it made for some amusing reading. Your post of course. ;)

Boy, were you ever desparate for time wasting doing such a thorough review on the plane! Too bad you hadn't taken a Canada -- European flight or you could have watched old (1960's vintage) James Bond movies currently being shown (as the 2nd movie) on Air Canada's transAtlantic flights instead of reading (and reviewing) this book.

But your sense of humo(u)r makes reading your post more interesting than reading the book. Now to look for that lipstick-infested 1/2-muffin; on second thought, I think I'll stop at Tim Horton's for a fresh one.

The ultimate irony is that I wish this book were in blog form instead, because then I'd be more likely to read it... and all the comments would be icing on the cake.

I wonder at your perseverance. Thanks for a very entertaining post. Noting the comments about consultants and blogging I thought at first, hang on, that's a bit heavy, who is this guy? The name Bly rang a bell and a quick desktop search found lots of promos for him by others as a copywriter extraordinaire. Then I remembered, from some reading up on "copywriting" (btw, what's the difference between "copy" and "text"?) that one of the most effective "techniques" is apparently to set yourself apart from everyone else in a particular field, denounce them all as misled, ignorant, biased, incompetent or worse and thus give the readers the impression that they must read what you have to say so that they get the truth.

Last time I called someone on that technique - denouncing the blogging evangelists and presenting themselves as the true experts - the response was, in so many words, oh, but of course I didn't mean you.

You've got to laugh or you'd cry :)

I suppose democratization of the web also has some disadvantages. What really irks me about this is that the guy somehow got a book deal out of it. Wow.

Thanks! This was both funny and very, very sad.

I'd encourage you to enter an Amazon Product Review on this book. So far the author has 3 reviews with 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you very much for the review, in essence being my Ze Frank and reading so I don't have to.

I thought your post (comment?) was interesting and arguments did provide some mirth, but I think the most eye-catching tidbit came from Victor Wong's post, in which he claimed that Bly differed from the MSM for lack of their "agenda of public self-exaltation". Though, comically enough, it would seem as though that statement were very untrue, indeed.

But then, I must presume that being merely a humble blogger myself - topics and content free and unarranged and scattered to the winds of the Interblags - I would have little actual insight. Falling into such an unsavoury category such as I do, I'm going to go and hang my head in shame, all the while devising a new direction and mission for my thoughts and articles.

To think I've been wasting not only my own time, but the time of every individual not in a library (or on a plane) unplugging and indulging in literary wonders, plots and complexities far beyond imagination. My eyes are now open... what a truly ugly world mine is. Praise the day a copywriter came along and opened my eyes.

I'm humbled by your perseverance in reading the whole thing and even more by your detailed review of the many inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and displays of Bob's ignorance of blogging terminology and tools (I use the word ignorance in its precise meaning: uninstructed, unlearned, unaware, uninformed).

I got stuck on the ROI issue and his inability/unwillingness to compare be business benefits of blogging to anything other than his own field of direct marketing campaigns (labeling his condition "Blyopia"). Bob did visit and leave a "post" quoting Lord Kelvin, so here's the permalink if anyone's interested:

Then again, we got the book as a free review copy, so I didn't feel such a need to try to recover an "investment"! I'm betting your "return" was in the fun you obviously had with your wonderfully amusing post. Thanks!

Well... I think Bob got what he wanted. People to buy his book. And, I think it bears noting that many, many non-bloggers and legions of the uninformed, believe that blogs are bringing the end of civilization as we know it. Maybe they're right. I don't know. I'm an avid blogger. I make good money using a blog (not from the blog, but from what I do with the blog), and while I think Bob Bly is a poor blogger - I also think he knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote Blog Smog. We're all just playing into his hands.

p.s. he doesn't care how much you hate him or trash his book. he'll just write another.

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