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April 27, 2007


Surely they have a case for emotional trauma after you have burst there oh-so rose-tinted bubble that everything is safe and cosy in their world ;-)

We are seeing more and more free "things" on the internet like youtube or who charges their users nothing. So in your opinion, Rick, what do you think will this do for e-commerce in the future? Are consumers going to expect to get everything for free or at least for the small "price" of having to watch an ad? In the near future, are we going to be able to just download the software for the fabrication of almost anything like dish ware, tools, computer parts? ( see ).

have a look at channel 4 on demand


I found that funny n sad.

I often talk with startups that REALLY think they have this amazing technology/product and nobody else could have anything like it.

Normally it takes me 1 min if I have my list of bookmarks and <5-10 mins 2 show someone like them.

Why can't they do some due diligence.



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