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April 18, 2007


Hi Rick - I had the same experience with the notification alert, much better turned off. Another idea, which I'm not sure you know but which I find useful as well is this: create a subfolder in your inbox (cc folder) and set a rule so that all email where you're cc'd on goes there immediately. It sure filters out my inbox a lot.

This is true for any information source. You have to filter the signal from the noise, being always interrupted guarantees a loss of productivity.

The notification alert is EXTREMELY distracting, and now I have it off, and have filtered all emails where I'm not in the TO: line to the garbage.

My boss thinks it's great that everyone in our group gets every message, thousands a day, when only a handful are relevant to each person. Some of the messages are "The job ran successfully." Why do I need to be alerted every hour when things are OK?!?

Since I work at a bank, I assume they are backing up and storing all these emails forever for compliance purposes. Perhaps that is the strategy... if anyone lawyer ever has to do discovery on our emails, they will never be able to find the juicy important emails in the deluge of crap.

I found that I had to create 2 hotmail accounts for IM. One for work contacts and one for family. That way I'm not be bothered by personal issues when I'm busy. Sometime they can be just as distracting as email alerts. :)

These are great tips - the trick is always to control the technology rahter than the technology controlling you. It's an easy trap to fall into.

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