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April 07, 2007


What I got from is essay is this ...

"Google, Please buy Snipshot - it's going for a song."

Paul's a smart guy but not smart enough to hide the whiff of desperation in his latest essay.

Hang on a sec Rick, you said yourself that people aren't afraid of Microsoft anymore.
Your blog entry was the first thing I thought of when I read the Paul Graham post.

Yup, Iain, I did. And in my point 3, I pretty much make the same point. I think 'afraid' of competition in general and worried about what others are doing should be part of the game.

Outlook, Iain, get your cool little applet in Outlook so I can get you a check. :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

microsoft is a co. which has given the internet , the shape we see it. It has been here all along. so it will always have a upper hand in some ways..

I am not going to say that Paul Graham is entirely correct, but MSFT, as a stock, has a very specific time of death:

July 2004

Moreover, isn't that all that matters?

Microsoft Xbox division makes billions of dollars a year but makes no profits. They tried so hard to get market share and they suceeded. But the truth remains that their gaming division is just not making money. Hasn't yet. Maybe with the xbox 720. hahah

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