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April 15, 2007


Fair enough, Rick [Tom's in SF at the moment, so no flak jacket for me, sadly]...

This is less of an MS vs Open Source argument for me... I'm more interested in getting my head around how MS makes their money, and why...

And as per my usual schtick, I'm interested in how MS is going to CONTINUE to make money, in this brave new multi-layered world of ours...

Great feedback, though. Thanks for the insights.

Hi Rick,

Sorry I missed you when I was at MusicIP.

It just so happens I am starting work on a schedule/calendar project today. What is the open source project you are referring to?
I did a search, but am swamped with php downloads.


Hi, Rick.

I've asked Hugh's question looking at the other side of the same coin: Why do tens of thousands spend millions of hours creating monumental constructions as obscure and as powerful as the GNU optimizing compiler?

After two awe-inspired decades of using the stuff, I finally found the answer, outside of technology, within the human realm. It's simply a form of self expression.

Open source software is a social medium. Instead of text on blogs, or voice in podcasts, open source programmers use code on computers.

Now Public. Red Hat.


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