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June 13, 2007


Bravo, Rick!

Zinio's policies and customer service suck and the Herring should have done a better job of notifying/migrating their subscribers. We are stuck in limbo. The worst thing you can do with a new technology that tries to change consumer behaviour (like digital magazine delivery) is to drop the ball with customer service.

It doesn't matter how revolutionary the tech is .. if you rip people off then you'll lose the adoption race.

Hi Rick,

I am one of those people that ordered in early May and only received one digital edition. The same version displayed on Zinio's web site as you showed.

Zinio told me to contact Red Herring. I did and Red Herring has no history of my subscription!

I am back to talking to Zinio.

I wasn't offered a refund or even alternate magazines.

We'll see what happens...


I've had similar problems with Zinio in the past with other subscriptions and I had to compromise for some mags I didn't really want (or keep wasting time with them).

I got an email from Red Herring, and it looks like RH has gone to another ePublisher (Olive Software). Until you get Zinio straightened out, they are offering the first issue free here:

can't you dispute it with your credit card company?

Hi Stephen,
Certainly that is an option. just shouldn't have to do that.

thank you for stopping by.

I get a few magazines through zinio, but I don't pay for them.

And I still hate Zinio.

I can't imagine paying for the awful user experience of pretending to turn a page and having to zoom into everything I want to read.

I had the same bad experience with Zinio and Red Herring. I paid for a subscription and got about half of the issues that I was supposed to get. When an issue did not arrive, Red Herring would tell me to contact Zinio and Zinio would tell me to contact Red Herring or otherwise failed to help me until I gave up. Never did get half of my issues. Did not even get all of my Red Herring printed issues either. -- Corey Chambers

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