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October 22, 2007


Yes, I've wanted a service like this for many years now. Just wished for it again as I listened to a great song on the drive home tonight. I hardly ever buy music but I sure would load up if it was an impulse buy. I'm sure there are lots of hurdles to overcome to make this work but whoever can get this right would make a killing.

Well, we're not quite there - we offer that instant gratification "getting" if you're listening in our music client, but otherwise the function is pretty similar. We also have mobile streaming and "getting" on our roadmap so you'll be able to do much of that with us soon. Getting there, getting there....

First, a disclaimer. I work for Music to Go, the creator of the TuneGenie music store. That said, we are restricted from selling music outside of the US based on our licensing with the record labels - we are licensed to ONLY sell in the US. And, to that end, we sell ONLY thru US radio stations. That said, I would agree that a notification somewhere upfront might be useful that we sell only to holders of US credit cards. I'll file a bug, and see if we can get it fixed in the future. As for your instant gratification thoughts, watch for our new product, that is a scaled-down version of the store, embedded in a radio station's website near you. This will be released across on of the big 5 radio groups within a week or so, and should then spread beyond. Soon after, it will be embed-ible on the various portal sites - myYahoo, iGoogle, etc.

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