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October 17, 2007


If only they were Chinese elevators...

Bit OT but relevant I think: one of my local shopping centres has screens built into the hand dryers. With sound. Think about that for a second.


Rick , 4got about wifi on the GO trains !!

Remember da instance where one front liner of the GO trains implement the sign up for emails for delays on "GO" notifications.. ? its was as simple 3 liner code ..with flag status set to w/ever.. :)-

A long time ago I responded to Shel on similar his posting here

"An interesting start up lesson for you: Walk among the people; the real people. Watch, ask, listen, ask again, listen again."

Exactly, I travel on TCC/GO sometimes early in the AM and all I see is Chinese/Asian Community during lets say (6.30-7.30 TTC route) .. and then again I travel the normal (8-9AM) routing .. on the same transit..

I once tasked myself to think of the possiblities of tieing in Wifi access /TV programmes and what into a single window (1 hr) slot for the transit community.. what could happen then ??

I really don't know.. but your comments on listen ing is the same to me as observing .. I mean just keep the eyes open and watch the trend !! :)-

Check out an interesting survey from M-Metrics. That may be a look into the future in terms of the effectiveness of mobile marketing.


Hi Rick,

This reminds me of the time that I spent riding the Washington DC Metro in 1996 and 1997. I could see that many of the relatively normal, non-geek riders were reading material that they had printed out from their browsers. This was one of the first signs that the web was going mainstream.

Thanks for the reminder that we need to get out of bubbles and deal with reality to see what's really happening.


PS - Browsers still suck at printing, but that's best left for another post.

i enjoyed this post - both the reminder that one needs to "get out there" as Andy Nulman says, and that few technological feats are actually required by the mainstream consumer


I'm catching up on your blog at the airport lounge. Does that make me a freak? But I did check out my facebook first...

I'm catching up on your blog at the airport lounge. Does that make me a freak? But I did check out my facebook first...

lol about Facebook. On Friday someone said to me, "I hear they've got a new Bill Gates." When asked who they were, this person answered, "you internet people".

On observation:
Every truly entrepreneurial real estate developer I ever worked with did the 'going walk about' thing.

If you add in focus on both the situation's physical components and on traffic patterns (which are often subliminally directed by physical design), it adds yet another dimension to how people behave/respond and why.


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