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November 20, 2007


This becomes a reference post for all those "unknowns" who want to become my FB friends. There is a reason for the "Ignore" button but often I will send out an enquiry asking courteously what his/her interest is, especially if I see that we "share" some friends.

However, when you asked me to be a Facebook friend (and we have known each other for several years) it was an "upper" for me.

Great post, Rick

Great point on app usage. I disable apps from showing in my profile because I hate the clutter. In terms of marketing potential, I believe that FB groups are a much more effective means for marketers currently because of the level of interactivity that occurs within them.

I'm sure your not wondering but my personal favs are:

I F*in love to Text!!


You know your in University When... (check out #112)

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