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November 25, 2007


Honestly for a non-tech company this is much harder to catch than you would think. Even in a three person company.

Just found a bug where a large company's web service would puke on "FT." but was happy with "FT" as in Fort Worth. You'd think they could just strip out ".". But no they respond back with the closest match. Most end users don't see the difference.

Boring story cut short, any programer might not think of that issue during testing but should catch onto it fast when reported. The problem is getting the right messages to the techs. A small company can't afford to have developers full-time on customer service. You also can't afford to have every site use issue float back to the development team. There are a lot of clueless people out there. Yet these small 5 second fixes could be blocking large revenue or annoy loyal customers (like your issue).

Solution: Like you said communication. Give it time and encourage dialog. So get all the "maybe" tech issues to flow back to the dev team. If it isn't a bug then they can communicate back to service why it isn't a bug. Meanwhile the dev should track this as an area for improvement. If it is a really issue, fix it asap, communicate back to the customer, and reward them for the find. Communication also means frequent analysis of logs and site abandonment patterns.

Fixing these little issues quickly add up to a real money and happy users.

Rick - I used to be marketing director for The person you're hunting for is Tucker Tyler out of Memphis. is his LinkedIn profile.

Bet you'll get some traction this way.

Cheers, Gerald Buckley, Tulsa

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