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November 25, 2007


Nice review Rick. One nit - it's Sprint, not Verizon who supplies the EVDO connectivity to Amazon.

Your voodoo math notwithstanding, I think Kindle delivers a lot of value. As I do buy a lot of books, the cost justification was pretty easy for me aided and abetted by the fact that I travel a lot and the portability of an eBook reader has always been a big plus for me. I've tried most of the predecessors to Kindle and have found them lacking in one way or another. This device, while hardly perfect, is the best attempt yet.

Hi Marc,

Oops. Sorry Sprint. Why did I think it was the mighty V? I agree with you on value for me as well. And, I like these devices, they keep getting better.

Thanks for stopping by.

I wanted to make a comment about the fact that you keep an American address. Don't know if you ever looked into a mail forwarding company or not, but it could save you a lot of money when sending things to Canada. If you have an address that is just over the border, then it will certainly be cheaper than shipping. However, I use a company called Bongo International to handle all the international shipments for my company. They consolidate any purchases you make in the US and put them into one box. Then, upon your request, they will forward all of your stuff to you. Their rates are very good too. Check out this article that does a good job of explaining the difference between Bongo and their competitors...

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