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November 26, 2007


Really good points. This post is a perfect companion to the "Be careful who you ask" one.

"instant gratification, cheaper books..." will become order qualifiers sometime in the future but, right now, with the Kindle being the only of its kind (instant delivery, cheap books, back-up in amazon) are order winners.

However, if the Kindle (any service with mass-appeal, really) is wildly successful, some bloggers will be pissed because they didn't "understand" the market and they will have a hard time "readjusting".

The tech/startup bloggers more and more feel/read like "chefs" (sharing books, recommendations...) and forget a lot of people eat double cheese burgers (fast, cheap, yummy). I worry about the Kindle lock-in (the calories) but a lot of people won't. Look at the iPod (DRM vs free). Is the recent Facebook "debacle" another example (convenience/network effects vs privacy)?.

do you like it my man

do you like it my man

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