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November 28, 2007


"Is relieved to have finally, gotten one of these asshole VCs to meet with me on Tuesday, stay tuned, gotta pucker up for this clown."

Thanks for the laugh. Can you stream that meeting next Tuesday?

For more than a minute I was afraid this post was about me ;-)

LOL, surely it makes the VC / portfolio company relationship more transparent, even if that wasn't the intention.

Excellent post, it reminds me that even though I'm a techie, I probably do have more business smarts than some people...

Maybe we should require that all emails and posts sit in the outbox for a minimum of 5 minutes before they are sent... but then you would have to care about the impact of your words and actions.

think twice, speak once.

I would be curious to see if he's a good enough actor to completely hide that attitude in a face-to-face. Maybe I'm just a naive techie, but it seems like insincerity that extreme always leaks out somehow...

That's a hoot, really people who think their online lives are sorted into watertight compartments ought to read articles like the Big Page of SEO and Google Trust Rank -

A friend also recently explained to me just how (scarily) much a script can extract about one's life just from Tweets posted on Twitter... user beware, indeed!

All success

Wait, you mean people can *find stuff about you on the Internet* and relate it to, y'know, real life? 'Scuse me, I have to go revise a bunch of blog posts ...

Heh. Twits indeed. Great post.

That's why I post things like, "Waiting for 70 critical updates to install, so I can go to the next site," or some sort of disclaimer after my tweets that says I'm pretty much stuck where I am until the current lengthy job is done. If my management sees my stuff, at least they'll know I'm doing something, and why I can't start something else while I wait for something to finish.

Wow, Twitter as a time-tracker...that might make me stop using it!

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