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December 09, 2007


Based on their struggles and unclarity of "what next", what do you suggest they do?

Brutal and wonderful, if we all could only be so honest and self-reflective. A kind of an inspiration. Thanks for pointing it my way.


Unfortunately I see this happening over and over again. Entrepreneurs who are brilliant and talented but are non technical or computer savvy in the least get involved in I.T.

I believe that these entrepreneurs who have experience and a proven track record in business should definitely be interested in the Internet, however educate yourself if this is what you want to do. There is an almost unlimited amount of free resources on the net, just google "Free Education on the Internet" and see what comes up.

Also, if you do plan on starting a new web based venture I would suggest you back it with a business model that you understand and use that money to grow your web presence. Chapters was a perfect example of a web venture that had immediate traction due to its brick and mortar locations. We sell web design (because thats what we understand) and we use that money to create many different websites on the side to generate residual income. We then take that residual income and reinvest it in google ad words for example to gain even more web traffic. In other words, until your website has "traction" (theres that buzz word again)you will need to make enough money eat, and I'm sure you already know how to do that.

Remember, the Internet in no longer a "new" frontier, you can't simply fly by the seat of your pants like we used to do 10 years ago. You have to compete with business / people who have had a web presence for 20 years or more. Look at your website as one of your most valuable marketing tools instead of the whole of your business.

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