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February 12, 2008


You won't need Parallels for Zinio, at least, because they have a native Mac client. I used it a couple of years ago and it was quite good. It's probably much better now.

Hi Ian,
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You're one of the few people I've seen really excited about Zinio. I think the reason Zinio hasn't taken off more widely is the requirement for YADPC (yet another damn proprietary client).

On several occasions, I've flirted with Zinio - and they still send me e-mail trying to get me to use the Zinio clients I've downloaded and never installed. Not that I'm really *that* philosophically opposed to a reader program, but there are obviously enough negatives that Zinio has never gotten me over the hump to actually install their client and try their system: It's proprietary, not good for anything else, has the potential to be nasty (although to be honest, I can't imagine anything much nastier than QuickTime, which inexplicably, but extremely inconveniently (especially for anybody looking at Patents) insists on taking over as your TIFF viewer in Windows), and well, it's just one more damn thing I don't want to have to deal with. Add that to the fact that I actually *hate* reading on a screen (even though, like you, I probably do most of my reading there), and Zinio's gone begging.

Now, the "if-onlys": If I had a large-screen (15") tablet PC that was thin, light, and had a 20 to 24-hour battery life, I might reconsider, but the technology needed for something like Zinio to really work and be compelling just isn't here yet. I really don't want to have to boot anything to read a magazine, so I'll stick with dead-tree editions, thanks. If I could search across all of Zinio's magazines and read what I'm interested in for a reasonable fee that did not require me to subscribe to each magazine, *then* they'd have something compelling...

Thanks for the comments Rick. We are a Canadian based digital edition service provider and certaily believe that the future of reading is in digital format across many wireless devices. We do believe, however that there are issues with proprietary based reading systems like Zinio, that are download only. We use a cross browser platform, created with Microsoft Silverlight to provide a rich web based viewing experience. I think that Laptop magazine does currently have a digital version available with

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