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March 01, 2008


Try cmd-arrow to go to the beginning/end of the current line, or option-arrow to move to the next/last word. No idea about sentences I'm afraid.

The Apple guidelines for keyboard shortcuts are here:

Whoo hooo! Thank you! I found the keys to my happiness. NOW I can buy my MAC Laptop and work it.

Amusingly the cmd-arrow keys were my first gripe with OS X. I bought an iMac when the G5s first came out,

I've been holding out for a few things before getting a mac laptop, but I have been whittled down. I'm picking up a MBP soon.

With Leopard Spaces, the multi-touch, better battery life it is a no-brainer.

And on topic,
Rick, your transparency should be an inspiration to all who read your entries; it isn't isolated to just VC meetings but in many other aspects of life and business.


VERY nice of you to take the time to put the "No" in a rational context. Good business sense too.

Nice article. I wish some of the VCs we pitched told us no that quickly and clearly.

Read this about Mac key bindings:

Also, Ctrl-a and Ctrl-e will move you to the beginning and end of the current line, respectively.


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