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April 16, 2008


You honestly don't believe what AC is offering sounds like what you are describing. When AC is saying this, everyone thinks it's like the 2$ for a pillow. That they plan on not supporting uninsured customer soon.

As for a startup aren't you surprised by the lack of p2p insurance to follow in the steps of p2p lending? Maybe a p2p insurer could offer what you are talking about.

Jean-Francois, I totally don't think AC is even in the ballpark. That was, actually my point. There probably is an opportunity in there. I don't believe a P2P insurance thing would work for many reasons but I'd listen to the pitch, that's for sure.

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The people such insurance would benefit most are typically able to pay for the additional help they require, so the case for insurance seems marginal.

I'd expect that the fancy service number for a Platinum or corporate AMEX could give the same results on a pay-as-you-go basis.

I looked into this actually. I checked with Amex and the travel guys will help with new tickets, etc, but it isn't really anything above normal. While I am sure there is a fee-based service that could be created, I'm interested in the model of a dedicated business here from an Insurance perspective as insurance companies make good money.

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i disagree. see Apple and the univesral acclaims they get for each product.

it's matter of branding, Air Canada don't know how to introduce the service.

Heri, not everyone is ready to gobble up what Steve Jobs, Billy G or Air Canada dishes out.

- Knock knock, it's Air Canada, time to pay your protection fee.
- Protection? From whom?
- Why, from us, of course!
- Uhm, screw you.
- Sorry sir, we sold your seat to someone else, you'll have to find a hotel for the night.

As for Apple, they're like your friendly local crack dealer. Just need to look good until everyone on the block is hooked. Hardware, software, iTunes, we got it all baby!

If you extend the parallel you might agree that many niche markets are created where opportunities can't be seized by the larger player creating the very need in point - unless it can be offset with marketing dollars - exactly for PR reasons.

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