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April 22, 2008


My main goal really was to help ease the overwhelm people experience once they subscribe to a lot of feeds, but you're right that the "Panic Button" makes FeedDemon sticky, especially since no other feed reader has this feature (yet).

Anything a developer can do to take away frustration will keep customers from switching to another product - and it's even better when the customer *knows* that the product is making an effort to take away their frustration.

One of the reason I use Google Reader is that it automatically marks articles over 30 days old as read (ones you don't star). Can't customize like FeedDemon, but a nice feature nonetheless.

I had the *exact* same problem...with only slightly less unread items.

I use Google Reader, which I like because its widget is integrated into my custom homepage, for which I have both personal and business tabs.

Sadly, Google Reader doesn't have the panic button feature. But I like the interface, and don't want to port all my feeds elsewhere or starred items (sticky).

So I created two effective "tiers" of blogs. I tagged all the "less important/interesting/relevant" ones and they no longer appear in my Google Reader views on the homepage tabs.

I breathe easy and am all caught up on the core reading!

I also do this with emails in gmail, creating a nice label for everything in that gray area between spam and marginally important email notifications (e.g. facebook notifications) that I can read when I'm mindnumbingly bored.

You will be pleased to know, your blog is in the "important" tier.

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