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April 06, 2008


Yup. This kind of advice is great. But, like you said, hard to implement. Some of this will come with experience. After Valleywag has picked on me more than 50 times I've come to laugh at it cause my friends are still my friends, my sons still love me, my wife still cuddles with me, and traffic goes up, like you said.

It's theater. Everyone needs a good villain in their play. I hope Loren's there for a long time.

Wow, are people this bored?

Solid advice Rick. Plus, if people are going to be public figures, they need thicker skin. I remain to be blog-free and overly sensitive ;)

It's called linkbait and Scoble should know- he's an expert at it. Nothing like a good fight at the playground to draw a crowd...

Yes, Loren was over the top. The Jeremiah Owyang is not a shining example of a video interview - the mic work, the coffee drinking, etc - but is that intended?

Yes, this would have been a non-starter if Shel didn't react.

Rick, from what I learned from you and Larry S, playing with the competition's emotions can not only be fun but also profitable! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about here is an example:

Rick and Larry are at a Raptor's game in the Skydome and happen to see the CEO of their rival. Immediately they send someone back to the office (only 2 block away) to get a bag full of company shwag and politely hand it to her. Little stunts like that made her sooo angry that she tried to "take over" the company, falling right into their "trap". Gee you want to buy our company for way more than it's worth...let me think about that for a moment...OK!

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