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April 07, 2008


Looks to me like a re-purposed Twinkie. Think of the possibilities for cyndrical foods full of processed ooze.

I always imagine that things like this start as a boardroom joke on a Thursday evening after an entire week of "brainstorming" -- and then it just gets out of hand because 1 person in the room didn't realize it was a joke.

At least I hope that is the excuse.

Come on man, stop being so high-brow. If you've ever eaten a canoli, bagel dog, pierogi, crepe, hot pocket, custard/jelly donut, pizza puff, twinkie, creme puff, Cheezwiz, or anything from Denny's you've done much worse ;-)

Raza Imam

You would put a Canoli in with this? I'm just too shocked for words. :-)

This is too much. I think Robert nailed it above - this is definitely something that was not meant to come to shelves. I will look out for a picture of this one in RL.

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