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May 13, 2008


really, you should now rename JLA to JLA Mobile fund. It's the future now


You are one of the funniest people I know.


awesome to see you can keep up with the blogging even with the added load.
I'm looking forward to following your news on this.

I guess I have to get my head back into the mobile space...ok, it's there.

haha. holy crap! no wonder i got email at 10:20pm from someone with a 416 area code. Glad there's that much enthusiasm, I want more cool blackberry apps!

Thank goodness I came across your blog. After seeing your post; specifically the following statement (below), I decided to get a vc introduction. Congrats on the new Fund. Look forward to working with you guys - assuming we get some cash from you:)

....845 email messages"

Hockey, Michael J Fox, and RIM applications. Man I love Canada

Hockey, Michael J Fox, and RIM applications. Man I love Canada

Hilarious. Lessons learned? In any situation, 1% of participants will be dumb (8 seeking tech support) and .1% will be collosally dumb (1 ordering a Bold WITH credit card). Or if you prefer, no matter how clear your communication, 1% (and that seems low) will simply not read or not understand. No matter what.

Further, offers, like a surge in VC money availability, will generate different classes of opportunists. Like the 10% who want to jump (sinking) ship of Palm for RIM. The 12 people so professional they wrote from their iPhones. (Maybe they've been listening to the smartphone ads suggesting offices are so 20th Century.) There's a whole education to be had from this classification of respondents. Thanks for sharing, Rick.

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