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May 28, 2008


Do you know what people are saying about your brand in social media? We do.

That should fit in a Tweet...


I'd be happy to go through all those summaries, plans, ideas, and virtual napkins for you. I could create a secure website for you with all of these sorted by category, given a descriptive title, a 10 word or less synopsis (problem, solution, execution) and a link to final proposal for more information. This is service I could provide on an ongoing basis if you like :)


Venture hacks had 2 posts on this topic: "From Incoherent to High Concept Pitch" ( and "Hollywood Pitch: Feedburner for iPhones" (

Once you've gone through the high concept/twitter/100 word pitch, and you're interested, do you want to read the executive summary?

I just wrote up yesterday's SVASE Executive Summary Workshop ( One of the points that Chris Gil, the presenter, made is that, for an executive summary, 1 page is usually not enough, and 3 is too long, so the executive summary will almost always be 2 pages.

What are your thoughts?

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I like the 100 word rule. What people realize is that being succint is in fact so much harder. I refined an old post I had on my previous blog, and it's very similar in philosophy to the 100 word rule:

Whether raising money or not this is a great exercise for a Company to go through. When we are close to something at a tactical day to day level we tend to complicate things not simplify them. This exercise helps in making sure the strategic direction and major initiatives are still aligned with the pointed message.

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