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May 13, 2008


Its funny when two competitors end up using the same stock photography.

When I read "Group portrait of cultural creative business people cheering" I spit half the food in my mouth onto my desk, and nearly choked on the other half.

Putting up fake testimonials is terrible. But you can have some fun with stock photos:

Well, the testimonials could still easily be real -- just attached to stock headshots. Most customers who send unsolicited "we like your stuff" emails don't usually include promotional-ready portraits, after all!

Or just be honest about it!

We are in the process of redoing our website and made the decision to use as little stock photography as possible - especially when representing our people or clients. Jeffrey Gitomer pushes video testimonials but we haven't gone that far. We are, however, putting our client's actual pictures on the website.


The president of Projjex comes out as a crook with no morals. If he's using fake people to promote his product how good do you think his product is? People go out there and find something else this projjex thing is not worth it!!!

The actual product looks quite good, and the use of stock photos in the marketing is unwise but irrelevant (and funny). I think Anonymous is taking a big leap.

Thanks for pointing out a sensitive issue, Rick, and thanks to all those who took the time to respond.

We'd received some great feedback from our customers and naturally wanted to share it with the world. Of course, as Sunburntkamel pointed out above, our customers didn't send us their pictures. So we added some stock pictures to help personalize our site. Obviously this has created the wrong impression.

We're in the process of removing the offending pictures (except mine, which is authentic!). We apologize if we created the wrong impression. And thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


P.S. BTW, we're going to keep the "Group portrait of cultural creative business people cheering" image as it represents the spirit that we hope Projjex contributes to in all of our customers.

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