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May 06, 2008


Wow, I can hear the colour draining from their faces as they read this. :)

I dunno, Marc. I am Jewish and did work for Microsoft so they do get points for the homework.. How'd the 4 year old's no training wheel adventure go?

I'm slightly confused. This post almost sounds sarcastically sarcastic. Are you impressed, offended, or just amused?

Hi Ryan,

Given your choices, I'll go with amused, certainly not offended.

Or just install SendShield that warns you about this kind of stuff!

Well Bobs your uncle. Next.

This is hilarious on many levels. What if it was a viable product\plan? Any chance for investment after such a blunder?

I thought I made a bad mistake when I sent an e-mail to a journalist at the Globe and called it The Star....

When I was a lawyer at a large law firm I made it a habit to cut and paste a Word document into a new empty document before sending it out. That gets rid of all tracked changes for sure.

Yep, I'm still reviewing the plan and I really didn't take points off as I've said before, the VC world needs lots of cleaning up so I'm not surprised at the comments.

Thanks for stopping by,


It looks like many of the comments came from the "advisors" so not necessarily this poor entrepreneur's own thoughts.

However, anyone who has the sense of humor to write, "Exchange sucks resources like a vampire in heat," deserves huge points for honesty and ability with a phrase....wish he'd left it in there and not gone with the more mundane sentence :-).

At least today hasn't been "boring" eh?

I totally agree with you. The visual of a vampire in heat was off the charts.

Thanks for stopping by.



Hah! That's beautiful. Should I start sending you reports with the changes tracked? You'll have a field day with 'em.

Seriously. I think a "things to check before sending out an important document" list is a very important tool. Let's start ...

Undefined words, terms, and acronyms
Accepted/Rejected changes and comments
Consistent of use of terms

What else?


As I was scanning my reader I noticed this post and was pleasantly surprised. I thought based on the title that i was going to get tips on great business plan and instead got a good laugh at the end of the day. That's why I love reading your blog.

Ehh. PDF anyone?

Hosting your Web2.0 business on Amazon = $20
Beer & pizza for interns to code your Web2.0 business = $5,000
Buying the Founder a new Porsche = $94,000
Sending your business plan with track changes & comments left in = Priceless

I've never heard a funny Chanukah joke (especially around this time of year). My dad is an OB/GYN however, and has lots of good ones. Maybe if i ever do another start up, I can tell you one with an yiddish accent for a more Jewish affect - even if my presentation sucks, trust me, the jokes are generally worth it.

You can never be too careful. I once got a resume faxed to me by a fresh University graduate with "MASTERBATE4ME" listed as the name of the fax machine in the header.
I can just visualize Career Services at the University wondering why there was an unexplained drop in recruitment that year.

Shocked people are still wasting their time with business plans at all.... Let alone wasting money on lawyers, actually sending stuff to VC's, and using ridicilous jargon.

here's an idea: Demonstration. 1 page mud map.

Everyhting else is a joke which sells books in business sections.

i sometimes forget how funny you are Rick, but then i stop by here and get a refresher

if only i could do what you do


Wow. That's impressive.

We read a lot of business plans here ( but I've never come across one with all the comments left in. That's pretty special.

Ha ha... awesome. In so many ways.

Well, I'll bring up the media training comment: we have no competitors should bring the response of "you haven't done your homework" or "is there a business for this, then?"

Ugh. And, being Jewish myself, I have yet to hear a good Hanukkah joke. Besides being asked by a friend if Hanukkah Harry was real - and he wasn't joking.

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