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June 20, 2008


I thought there was going to be a punchline at the end. Something along the lines of, " J/K, Send me your thoughts on what I have given you so far." I am an amateur in first letters, but this guy makes me feel like a pro. Send him a thank you for the boost in my confidence.

[insert snorting laugh here]

There has to be a VC website where this letter could go into the hall of fame.


This is definitely one to frame and hangup in your office.


So... the original email *was* a joke, right?

Will they accept investment in the form of heads of cattle... because I just might have a good match for them.

Must be related to the guys from Oklahoma who are trying to move the Seattle Sonics NBA franchise to Oklahoma City. Apparently some folks down there have quite an impression of themselves :).

I thought something like this was inevitable when Paul Graham wrote "Investors like it when [you act like] you don't need them" -- but it's still rather impressive that someone could manage to go so far wrong.

Yeah.. investors don't like silly ultimatums. Doesn't really endear you to them. Great letter, thanks for sharing it.

Haha. Pitch FAIL.

I was expecting the letter to end with "BTW, we're holding your wife and children!"

Seriously though, if you send me a 200 million dollar check within the next 5 minutes, I will let you take a peak at my business plan...

That has to be one of the best emails I've seen from you yet.

Great reply. =P

So? what was the verdict?

very nice.

This reminds me of many headshot(s) & resume(s) received by overzealous actors.

The cover letters would occasionally request immediate consideration for parts because of "offers" on the table from big name Hollywood celeberties and movie producers.

Oh dinner Theatre how I miss thee.


Ahh Rick, you always get to see the best deals first ;)

Amazing... I wish I got emails like this.

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