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June 21, 2008


My friends 14 year old daughter didn't know what a "phone booth" was. I told her it was people can use a pay phone. [Blank stare] "Why don't they just use their cell phone?" She asks.
Too funny.

BT's pay phones, the newer ones are also WiFi hot spots

You need to send that to 2600 magazine...

Keith: I expect your 14 year old self would have trouble identifying a mangle (unless he'd seen one in an old film), and when told it was for drying clothes would ask "Why don't people just use a tumble dryer?"

Knowledge of obsolete technology is only useful to historians.

Lol, Sam. I'm 35 and I still didn't recognize what a mangle was until I looked it up. :) I always thought that it was called a wringer. I see your point, funny thing parents still used one instead of the spin cycle when I was a kid.

"Knowledge of obsolete technology" is one of the MOST important bits of information we get. How else will you learn anything? You can't really be saying that learning about ARPANET, MILNET, NSFNet etc. is not useful to anyone besides a historian. The fact is that the people who are the first to recognize when some technology is obsolete, are the first to spot the new trends and capitalize on them.

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