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November 11, 2008


I have to apologize for Lexington, KY. We do have a growing startup culture and I hope this was just a typo for this guy. In the future, hopefully we will have someone who is among our best and brightest to pitch you ad we can redeem our cities name.

Did you know that Lexington is one of the top 10 most educated cities in the USA? (Census Bureau)

Lexington Pride! You may laugh at us, but man, we defend the place we love. Dont judge us based on this one person! It really is a fantastic place...

Memo to Lexington: Im not picking on your city. I thought the whole thing was funny because it was an attempt piece together some rapid emails and this fine person got ahead of himself.


Though we know that Jim (pardon the reference) is pushing hard to gain share in the consumer smart phone segment, the fact remains (or so Id be inclined to argue) that RIM platforms greatest strength is its amazing penetration (and general usefulness) in the enterprise space.

If you can shed any light, what is the split of folks coming to you with enterprise or productivity apps vs the usual iphone fair of games, media apps and other flashy time wasters?

Beyond email, are there any killer business-minded apps alive and well on the bberry platform?


I am curious as well - I went to hear Jim speak (Ottawa Ont.) and he was really emphasizing their SDK

And I recall reading one article on a company that was intending to do an e-Learning (just in time) type thing for their service folks.

I never heard again whether it took off or not


Approx 65% of the inbounds are non-enterprise. Im working on several e-learning items as I really like that space.


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