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January 06, 2009


Hi Rick, thanks for the mention! We are very pleased to be working with the Ministry and the IAF and are looking forward to great things as we move our Social Media Analytics Platform into the market.
Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing what we are doing! It is very different (far more robust) than any other similar solution and we have a rapidly growing client base to substantiate this.

Hi Rick, Thanks for the comments. We are really excited about the home grown support. Echologics is now exporting our products and services all over the world; Thames Water (London), Las Vegas, China, and closer to home just sold our technology to Cambridge after a competition with all the worlds leading vendors. I would also like to mention the role of MaRS along with OCE in the IAF. we have had a lot of support from them and can't say enough about the value of such an organisation in developing local start ups. Thanks, Marc

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