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February 02, 2009


Based on my buying patterns from a past life when I paid for analytics I think they're not offering nearly enough pageviews at the top level price. Even a fairly small e-commerce site can generate millions of pageviews.
And we found that Google Analytics did not stumble when installed on a fairly high traffic site.

I like to think ClickTale is not meant to replace Google Analytics or Omniture, etc... It's meant to supplement that data.

I'm looking to use ClickTale in order to replace the fact that I can't sit and look over every user's shoulder to see how they work with the product. Instead of shelling out 100k for TeaLeaf, I can get this for 12k a year.

Of course, I could build similar data out of clicktream reports from an analytics package, or I could watch it all play out from page to page.

Generally, I look at this to get a sense of what the overall user base is doing - not as an exact measure of page views or other traffic. If you only record 60% of your user base, and all of those users can't check out or add something to their shopping cart, chances are the other 40% are encountering the exact same issues.

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