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March 31, 2009


Jeremy is a super star and has a lot to be proud of. I am pre-ordering his next book. There!

This is an amazing example - the founder taking a major pay cut and cuts *starting* at the management level. Kudos to Jeremy and the team for this and I hope they emerge very strongly eventually!

From a layman's perspective, I hope the move is made from a focus on being a 'content' company to a 'software platform for content'. It would always be an unnecessary overhead to be producing content and paying bloggers for it. Lot of firms and individuals are already publishing quality content every single second around the web - that could be aggregated in interesting ways. Gabe did this very successfully for tech with Techmeme, but for some reasons which I don't understand, hasn't extended that model to a lot of other topics.

Maybe b5 could embrace and extend that concept: top content auto-aggregated, presented in a unique layout and marketed under a specific brand name (kind of like what b5's etc are now). Different layouts/approach for each topic (Gabe applied same layout for techmeme to some other topics like gossip etc which didn't take off..).

My 2 cents...hoping for the best for b5media! :)


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