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March 16, 2009


The reason they want you to put it away is because of distraction potential in an emergency situation. But there's no significant difference, as far as I know, between a book or magazine and the Kindle in this respect.

It seems to me like another case of following the letter of the rules, rather than the spirit.

You are 100% correct in that the airline doesn't want people futzing with stuff in an emergency.

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I believe the Kindle is also wireless so the airline wants those devices off and stowed during landing and takeoff.

Perhaps they think the Kindle is a sign of the Beast? Yes, I do mean Alex St. John.

I hate how they need you to turn off your iPod Shuffle. I know they want me to listen...but they shouldn't say it is because it is battery powered. It consumes power on the magnitude of a digital watch and they don't have you throw those out the door. And, there is no rule against ear plugs when the plane is in taxi mode.

Just my 2ยข. The airlines don't even understand what damage can be done by which electronic devices. 99% of Kindle users have the wireless "off". If you don't the battery runs out in about 6 hours.

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