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March 24, 2009


Thanks for the investment and the nice words, Rick. Glad to have you and the BBPF on board!

Congratulations, Rick and BBPF! Xobni is a great product that we've been using for a while now...

Nice! Congrats to you and your partners.

Congrats to all involved,
I am a technical recruiter in the IT field and have used Xobni since Beta. I could not say more about this product, it is truly amazing. I have every one in my office converted to Xobni and can hardly wait for a blackberry version.

I doubt the intention was to create a recruiting tool, but they have created by far the most useful tool on the market; for free. I truly see this as a few steps away from replacing my current database. It is that useful.

I look forward to the new version and any coming improvements (every upgrade continues to impress me).


Robert Fleischhauer

Technical Recruiter

Digital Intelligence Systems (Disys)

Very exciting news and well-deserved funding for a great product. Any chance we will see stronger scheduling functionality (a la Timebridge) in future versions? That's a big opportunity area that I think Xobni would be well positioned to tackle.

Sorry but the beta totally turned me off to even considering the final product.
Not only was it very slow, it loaded a service into the background that ended up having conficts with other programs on my PC. In addition once it was uninstalled, I keep getting a message from Outlook that it needs to be uninstalled (?) everytime I start Outlook 2007.

So, Xobni? No thank you!

Rick knows that historically I am a reader, not a poster. However, in response to the "Xobni, no thank you" from above, I disagree. I am in the Biz Dev world and have tons of projects on the go at all times. Being able to see networks (i.e. associated contacts), attachments, and historical emails as soon as I select any email is invaluable. It saves me from having to dip into our SFA solution for quick information requirements. No conflicts, no slowdowns, no issues (yet :)). Note - I am in no way connected to JLA, BBPF, or Xobni.

Hi Ed,
Thanks. You can pick up your check after 3p ;-)

I just don't see the value in this offering. I suppose if you are an Outlook heavy user this may be valuable but why would you put so much money into this? Try as I might I can not see a sufficient exit strategy (revenue based / equity based / debt based / complex derivative base (even if you bought CDO's against default on this one).

Fine I understand somewhat the value, but how will you extract at least 15% YOY from this?

Wish I could use Xobni with Google Apps for Domains.

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