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April 03, 2009


Perhaps I don't understand the VC very well, but the message I got from Mark Skapinker's article was that if I wanted to apply for VC funding, now would be the time to do so. Also, since BrightSpark isn't doing much else with their money, they might as well fund some of their own ideas that they think will work.

More than likely though, your small view of the big picture (No offense, of course! You can't see the entire game if you're in there playing it.) has very little overlap with his small view of the big picture, and the Wall Street Journal profits from the confusion.

(Also, I agree with Mark McQueen. If that Canadian flag had been an American one, it probably would have been considered a crime.)

Yeah, I agree on the flag thing as well. Thanks for stopping by.


As mentioned in my Techvibes piece, I'm not sure whether #2 is actually correct. I'm not talking quantity, I'm talking effectiveness and ROI. Are the funds going to the right people? or into administrators? I'm not seeing the action there.

I agree 110% with #3 and #4. There are really kick-ass entrepreneurs here in Canada - often learning frugality and making a lot out of a little - a true entrepreneur.

And I totally agree we can do it ourselves. Let's drag those US smart guys up here so they can grow their companies with some of the smart ex-RIM/Nortel/Sandvine/Mitel etc. guys.

How many of these talented Canadians has the BlackBerry Partners Fund invested in?

@ D Thomas

Related to Point #2, I offer the following data. Canada had better pull up its socks. It is at great risk that Canada proceeds without serious attention to innovation and building ecosystems beyond the extraction habit.

Conference Board scorecard related to innovation

CVCA report, released in January 2009 says Canadian VC-backed GDP contribution to be just less than 1% (I assume 2007), while equivalent contribution in USA was 17.6% (2006).

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