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May 26, 2009


The entrepreneur in question here needs to know when to stop selling. Once sold on the pain / solution, move on.

Argh, so true! I am so sick of people hiding behind their damn slides. It's as though these sorts of folks think the people they're presenting to are morons and always require hand holding through every aspect of the project.

Something I also learned is that every VC (or their brethren) has a mannerism for "i get it". A grunt. A roll of the right index finger. A stern chin nod. Some mannerism that says "I get this point, move to the next". If they stand up, pump their fist and grunt, you can skip 7 slides. If they say "go to the demo", you can... well.. go to the demo.



It's kinda funny. On the one hand, jumping up and down, screaming oh yeah baby, just makes getting a term sheet in place expensive. :-)

On the other hand, sitting politely listening to 80 slides worth of dribble.......

Thanks for stopping by,

The best sales person I ever met used to say simply, "stop at yes."

maybe, just maybe, its possible that some VC's/Angels are just arrogant SOBs and rather than saying they don't get it, want to be perceived as getting it and in the tradition of being pushy, and overbearing give the impression that their time is more valuable than your time?
I'm sure that some of you entrepreneures/promoters have encountered some of these types on many occasions.
david yorke

funny to read all the comments.. as I have been in both seats.. and the reality is when u work on a pitch it takes so much effort and when someone says.. I get it (you think they are saying..who cares) .. when they say just show me the demo (you are sure your heard.. the presentation sucks so hope ur demo is better) and your heart kind of sinks.. but many times I have said to people... okay I get it show me the how.. i get the what.. and the why... and then i see them get deflated and sometimes I care and other times I am in a rush to move on..i am working on our pitch t raise money in sept for a new biz venture . and we are basically doing it all am curious to see the feedback on a somewhat different approach.. as we are also doing a compatibility profile.. to see if we are a culture fit as "fit" can make or break a biz... and the VC and the biz need to be a great fit... and i worked to hard to not love my VC partner...

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