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May 21, 2009


Hey Rick,
I believe BlackBerry may be more responsible for this issue than you may think.
Looking at my Pearl, aside from 'help' always being at the top of the menu, their doesn't seem to be any other consistency across applications.

For instance, the menu on my inbox is 'help, mark prior opened, delete prior, compose email, etc, etc' search is way down the list

My address book is 'help, filter, new address, new group, view, etc, etc'.

This is very inconsistent across the apps. There isn't even a naming convention. Isn't 'filter' similar to 'search'? In every app, we can do a few common things, 'view, create, edit, delete', but blackberry apps created by blackberry don't list these in a consistent way, and don't even provide consistent language for the apps.

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