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May 31, 2009


Except the videos are made with Microsoft Silverlight ("click here to down load and install!") !fail!

But having said that you should also add that with Canada's health care system he doesn't have to worry about health care while he is pursuing this dream. That is another $12K/year. I know a few entrepreneur types in the SF Bay Area who are going back to W-2 jobs just so they can have health care.

Great story. Definitely a win for Kelly and Canada.

I've played golf for quite a while, and reading about the product here got me interested. But I had the same reaction as Pat - Silverlight stopped me dead in my tracks.

I ended up watching the only video Swingnature had on YouTube - a local TV news story shot on a cam-corder...

I sent a note to Kelly re: Silverlight. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


Thanks for forwarding our input to Kelly. I'm sure it meant more coming from you than it did coming from us.

Re: stopping by the blog - I do it almost daily now. However, I don't comment very frequently because I feel the TypePad system doesn't distribute my comments as well as Disqus or IntenseDebate.

I would definitely engage in more discussions on this blog if one of those systems were implemented here. I suspect I'm not alone...

Thanks again,

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read the article and most importantly taking the time to comment. The only way to improve our business is to hear what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.

We have tested the videos with Silverlight in many different locations with no issue but we will look into adding different video formats to the site. I was not aware of the "download now" failing but will look into this as well.



ummm Kelly....

it wasn't that the download itself was failing ... it is simply that Microsoft Silverlight has to be downloaded in order to watch promotional videos.

Not many people are going to download and install a monster hunk-o-code just to watch some marketing materials.

i saw the video on youtube few days ago. me and my wife playing golf for some time now. she wanted to buy one and we are still arguing! :-) i mean... talking about it.

If you do purchase one you will be surprised at how effective overload/underload training is...


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