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June 21, 2009


Great post Rick! Completely agree with you.

Well put Rick, totally agree... you can take this well beyond the tech team too. It's amazing what happens when people generating consumer-level content, or answering support inquiries, can look at metrics that tie the quality of their work directly to the business KPIs. Knowing how your work impacts the likelihood of continued paycheques, is the best motivator you can hope for.

Nice post Rick, linking to it in my favorite VC posts column today.

Fantastic post. Its 11PM on sunday and I'm working on a spec for exactly this type of optimization customer experience/profit double-win optimization. So I'm very much on this wave length at the moment and it is that important. What do you do here (and why does it matter). So simple yet crazy fundamental.

Thanks for the boast to push on into the wee hours!!! :)

Absolutely true Rick. We call this Market-facing. Too many company's are engineering centric -- and not in touch with what the market wants or needs.

And I would suggest that if the CEO can't give the same spiel -- the guy (or gal) should be out. Board members should periodically invite key employees to present -- and be free to ask questions. Keeps the CEO honest.

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