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June 06, 2009


Naah? Five minutes on Google (which, I admit, is kind of hard without a computer) finds a few things.... (172-192 Flinders) is open Sundays (11-4), but only their sales department; the service department isn't open until Monday. Still, maybe they can give you a loaner? (826 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia, (03) 9818 2100) appears to be local, also open Sundays (10-4), but again the service department isn't open Sunday.

You've also got official Apple stores in Chadstone and Doncaster, both of which are less than a half-hour drive away from downtown Melbourne:, (03) 9038 7500, (03) 9914 2800

Both of those are open 10-5 Sunday, and 10-5:30/6 Monday (which is apparently a public holiday).

Hmm. Your blog's url auto-recognizer included the commas in those urls, when it shouldn't have. The correct urls are:

Best from my tweeps (tweet peeps): "Hold shift while rebooting to start in safe mode. If that doesn't work, Opt+Cmd+P+R while rebooting. Else contact Apple." Looks like you're getting help in any case.

For my MBP, which comes with a 320Gb drive, I'm replacing it with a 500Gb to run Ubuntu and some kind of Windows alongside OS X. We'll see how that goes after I get back from London on Friday.

It must have been my fault Rick ;-)

Except it was supposed to be while *visiting* you - not **too** you!

Yours died and of course I buy a new Macbook for work days before they release new ones :(

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