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July 09, 2009


I'm not sure if I follow. Is the mis-spelling of "lose" intentional and I'm supposed to read that a VC's aim is to not loosen up their hold on the money they control? I'm afraid whatever useful point might be made is lost in either subtlety or obtuseness and I'm not sure which.

I think the misspelling is just a mistake, and the "sounds wrong" is about the double-negative. (Which is, I note, used in the two-nots-cancel form of double negative, not the two-nots-strengthen-each-other form that many dialects and languages use.)

I read it again and this time I see the initial 'not', which makes it clear to me that the misspelling of 'lose' acted as a red herring redirecting my attention from the double negative that makes the intended point.

"A VC is not in the business to NOT lose money."

Yes, a good discussion launcher, even for an insufferable pedant such as I.


I was trying to be a little be a bit 'deep' with loosening up and just trying to not lose money. Clearly, I'm not deep. I'll change it.

The pithy wisdom inspired me to run my comment through the YODA-translator:

"Smart VC who's run his own businesses, Bryan is, and funded some great ones. Always encouraging us to push it, is he, take some (smart) risks, go faster. Implication - make money that - to take some risks (that is, good one to be reminded of, be willing to lose some money) is...."


I would have thought that your quote was self evident. No one is in business to lose money.

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