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July 31, 2009


I believe the relevant term to use with Apple is "fascist".


"microsoft fascist" - 16
"google fascist" - 49
"apple fascist" - 99

Apple aren't faceless; they're a foot in the face of freedom. Probably my deepest worry as a software engineer is that they gain an equivalent position of power to Microsoft - MS are infinitely better.

I love the fact that at the end of the post about Apple's non-dialogue with the developer, the Google Ad is:

Only BlackBerry® SmartPhones Have Everything You Need And More.

It says it all...

I believe the Om/Arrington bails were as much about AT&T as the iPhone. As for Google Voice, I think we're going to see a major overhaul of the App Store management in the very near future. I have to believe that Jobs hates the publicity they're getting on the approval 'policy', whatever it is...

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