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July 13, 2009


Good blog post, very true stuff. I'm constantly thinking about my expectations for companies and services, and I'm unfortunately starting to see a trend where they get smashed to the ground.

I truly think you hit the nail on the head with stating that you gotta have that expectation level built into your DNA, and if another company doesn't, they are going to have one hell of a time catching up.

I'm impressed that you got such good turn around despite the quote on time from Apple, but perhaps they are great at under-promising and over-delivering on service? Either way it worked, and you enjoyed it enough to blog and talk about it! That's worth a lot!

Of course the reverse is also true, as soon as someone doesn't meet your expectations, you are going to talk about it and let people know, and perhaps more fervently!

I recently got stabbed in the back by my favourite brand and it sucks, I have no one to get excited about anymore, and I'm pissed that I wasted so much time idolizing and promoting a company who couldn't care less about my business or efforts! Talk about expectations! They don't exist anymore.

I even tried to use social media (Twitter) to get some justice and to help me recover my expectations of this brand, and it's worked before with some other companies, but it only ended up just making things a whole lot worse!
If anyone is interested in reading about my experience, take a look here:

Low expectations are the key to success! The only time you can afford to have high expectations is when it is with yourself.

However, they must read your blog and know you... My iMac is having some serious heat issues, I call them up to ask if it is normal. Nope, it isn't -- nice lady on the phone says that under normal operation I should be around 45C (according to her book).

I take it in, and I'm told 3-5 days. I call on the 7th day asking what's going on, they tell me they don't know yet. Finally on the 9th or 10th day I get a call that everything is done, ready to go.

"Hardware Repair - Level 1" is all they can tell me. I get *nothing* else out of them as far as what is going on.

Get home, turn the computer on. After a few hours of routine work it's back to running above 60C+ with visual artifacts on the screen.

Yay. Thanks for nothing Apple.

If I didn't expect -all- hardware to be terrible, I'd be upset. Now, I'll probably just shell out more money for a Mac Pro after this one inevitably meets a premature death.

But I'll be upset about it.


You should sign up for Apple's ProCare. I think it's $99 a year and it means same-day service in almost all cases. If my MacBook goes down, so does my ability to work effectively. Of course, having a Time Capsule with 60 minute old backups and spare machines around certainly helps (and which I have), but it's nothing like getting the main computer back fast. :-)

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