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July 13, 2009


RE: Random Idea...

Bet you wouldn't fund it, no money it in ;-)

However if you want to have a laugh about bathrooms rent the movie "Kenny". It's recession proof.

This has been done a few times already. The first link I came across was this one.

Not sure if they did a blackberry version. Or have you made the full switch to fanboy ;)?

You might want to check out the Have2P app on iPhone as well. Beside that one, there's dozens of others.

yeah, there's a surprise, there are a ton of these out there. Thanks for stopping by Pete/Wendell.


not a bad idea, but i do think indeed that it's a tough buck to get out of people. Instead you can do a few very simple things:

Interesting thought. To monetize, perhaps ask for a donation and a review of a public bathroom? Make a wiki and sell ads. Start as a public service and advertise your latest book by giving a short reading selection. For use in the bathroom. Finally a case for micropayments. SMS location to phone after a 900 number call. Come on there must be a way to "service" the ladies. :-) Profitably?

Ah, there's another meaning to PaaS :-)

rick, this is funny, i actually own -- i accidentally made a typo with toilet. Was meant to be a joke domain name/code name for another venture. =) is for sale for 750 min bid i think.

I'll sell the missed spelled version for $7500 for a limited time only.... =P

Fresh like this?


Great post. Check out Sit or Squat. It is exactly what you were talking about, nice little app.

Two things...

1) I would definitely pay for this. But I'm a lot like George Costanza/Larry David when it comes to public restrooms.

2) Jon Corzine is a horrible governor who we New Jersey residents can't wait to see get the boot... why are you carrying ads for him in your RSS feed? :)


That is an interesting point that you raise. will they pay for it? Companies in denial = eternal betas.

Many startups are afraid to ask. Will someone take their credit card and swipe it for what I have built?

Fix a real problem
Do you fix a real problem. - Real problems aren't can I find a starbucks, or what song is playing or where can I poo.....those aren't real. What is real ?
Does your product save time? Can I eliminate a job because of your software? Can I put through more orders? Can I reduce my electricity bill, Does your *it* make my process X % more efficient? LEss errors? Quantifiable benefits.

One thing that I have learned thus far in my startup career. People don't buy mamby pamby benefits. Technology buyers want numbers ....If you can build those numbers ... it makes it easier to justify price as you can lay it against the ROI.

For the record we charged from day one. We believed that our product provided tangible benefits to our clients. Our first client was from Arizona and continues to pay for and use the service to this day. Why? He could put through 1/3 more work. Projects finished on average 10 days quicker. There was a double digit reduction in rework due to miscommunications. He can invoice quicker.

By understanding those metrics it makes it very easy for us to make the case to prospective clients. "Look at these guys, they are similar to your company is what they saved .... you plug in your numbers."

So fix a real problem is step one. Well thought out UI design is step 2. Step 3: Added Chutzpah Step 4: bobs yer uncle


Scott @ ConceptShare

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